MAG Beta Gets Massive Update


Even though it’s only a private beta, the MAG beta is getting better and better. Especially now that Zipper Interactive‘s Massive Action Game has received an update.

After downloading a 30 MB version update (bringing MAG Beta to 1.11), followed by a 300MB game file update, 256 players will be available, as well as the third and previously unavailable faction, SVER.

Since the update just hit, we are still checking it out to see what else is available. We will update if we find anything else new.

Staff Impressions:

John V –

It runs decently well, but there are still major sound glitches, and I believe the game uses a dynamic resolution system similar to flower where the center of your view is a lower rez.

You can see pixelation when anything is beyond 30 yards…the game really isn’t too pretty unfortunately, although some of the effects are nice and the weapons and bangs sound good.

The game is still chock full o’ bugs, but it is still fun to play. SVER is a nice addition and they are just as fun to use as the other two teams. Funny thing is, SVER almost has a steampunk feel to them, and also a look and style similar to something pulled right out of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.