Nigerian Government Displeased with Slim Ads, Demands Apology

September 13, 2009Written by Steven Garcia


When new ads highlighting the PS3 Slim price cut hit the the airwaves, gamers frustrated with Sony’s past attempts to market the PS3 let out a collective sigh of relief at the realization Sony had finally made an effective, funny, and not at all vague commercial. The entire nation of Nigeria, however, was not amused.

Those who have seen the commercial might remember the always funny fictional Director of Rumor Confirmation, Kevin Butler, saying this line in response to a price cut rumor:

“You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Otherwise, I’d be a Nigerian millionaire by now.”

Apparently, that was a little too close to home as Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Communication, Prof. Dora Akunyili, released a statement not only declaring the line, “[an] unwarranted attack on the reputation and image of the country”, but also demanding “an unconditional apology from Sony Corporation for this deliberate negative campaign against the country’s image and reputation”.

In response to the complaints raised by the Nigerian government, Sony quickly pulled the ad and released this public apology:

“It has come to our attention that a recent TV advertisement for PlayStation may have offended some members of the Nigerian community. We never intended to create a situation that would upset anyone, and we have taken action to immediately remove the advertisement from the air. We apologize to anyone this may have offended.”

Considering how quick Nigeria was to express their discontent and publicly accuse Sony, they are obviously aware of the issues involving scams and other fraudulent practices that stem from their country. We can understand where Nigeria is coming from on this one, as it only makes matters for them worse. But honestly, if they cared so much about the “reputation and image” of their country, maybe they should stop pretending the problem doesn’t exist and start with trying to not make us millionaires twenty-five times a day.

Below is the new politically correct ad that has taken the original’s place. Not much has changed, but we’ll deposit US$ 522,000,000.00 {Five hundred and Twenty Two million US Dollars only} into your corporate or personal Bank Account if you can spot the difference!

[viddler id=6774074e&w=437&h=288]