Final Fantasy XIII Control Scheme Revealed

September 14, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


This past week during Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII premiere party, a handful of people were given the chance to play the TGS build of Final Fantasy XIII.

One thing that came out of this was a look at the controls for FFXIII.  The controls don’t look out of place to most RPG vets and will of course have some changes from the Japan Release to US Release, such as X to select instead of cancel.  The full control set is below.

• Directional Pad

Field: Not used

Battle: Toggle through targets, commands

• Left Stick

Field: Move character

Battle: Not used

• L1 Button

Field: Field items

Battle: Paradigm Shift (“Optima Change”)

• Select Button

Field: Navigational Map

Battle: Not used

• Start Button

Field: Pause Menu

Battle: Pause

• Circle Button*

Field: To select things, make decisions, etc (The equivalent of the “X” button)

Battle: Input commands, select targets

• Square Button

Field: Open Area Map

Battle: Driving Mode (Type of attack used when Summons are in Gestalt Mode)

• X Button*

Field: Cancel

Battle: Cancel

• Triangle Button

Field: Open Menu

Battle: Input commands

• Right Stick/R3 Button

Field: Camera

Battle: Camera

Final Fantasy XIII is set for release in Japan on December 17th, which the US/Europe scheduled for Q2, 2010.