PixelJunk TGS Museum Comes Home

September 29, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


For all the other 6.7 billion people that were unable to attend this year’s Tokyo Game Show to check out the latest from Q-Games at the PixelJunk booth, PlayStation Home brings home the TGS PixelJunk booth to PlayStation 3’s everywhere…in Japan.

Having introduced the PixelJunk series into the virtual online community a couple months ago, the Japanese version of the Home space added a virtual rendition of Q-Games’ TGS booth.


Shown in the video above is a tour of the the virtual TGS booth in the PixelJunk Museum Home space and shown below is the real-life, almost finished product of the booth.


Image Courtesy of Dylan Cuthbert

We must say, the designers of the Home space created a very accurate replica of the TGS booth in a relatively short amount of time for everyone in Japan to enjoy. Of course for everyone across the pond and on the east-Atlantic continental shelf, there is always the option of creating a Japanese account and checking the Home space out that way.

Should we see more trade-show events promoted with virtual renditions such as this? Or should corporations broadcast the events live similar to E3?