Tokyo Game Show Quite Q-Less


Dylan Cuthbert, head of Q-Games, has posted a string of tweets, in which he publicly criticizes his studio’s relationship with Sony Japan. Apparently, he is displeased with the lack of attention SCEJ is placing on the studio’s latest game, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, which is heading to the PSP. He compares the lack of Sony attention for Deluxe to the, apparently, overwhelming attention for Square Enix’s latest PSP title, Crystal Defenders.

Unfortunately, Cuthbert has removed the tweets. However, Examiner managed to snag the text of these surprising messages.

I’m pretty annoyed that Sony Japan put Crystal Defenders PSP on their booth at TGS but wouldn’t let us put Monsters Deluxe PSP on it!

yep, it’s “because it’s Square” but it sucks.. Japan still has a long way to go to support indies…

I think SCEJ has something against Monsters Deluxe, they’ve been very unresponsive about it, I doubt we’re in the sony TGS catalog

Square’s simply a lot bigger than us so Sony gives them priority

So is Cuthbert right in his assertions? Post your thoughts and comments in the comments section below. And remember, stay with PlayStation LifeStyle for all the news coming out of Tokyo!