RockStar Speaks – LA Noire Is Alive


LA Noire promises to bring the 1940’s gumshoe out off of the silver screen and into next generation consoles.  This highly anticipated game is being published by RockStar and developed by Team Bondi has been off the radar for some time and there has been rumors this title may be getting the ax. Recently RockStar spoke up about LA Noire which is still in development.

On an update to the RockStar News Wire, the community managers fielding question from fans.  Inevitably LA Noire was mentioned.

“Is there anything you can say about L.A. Noire, like when it is coming out? – received via Facebook

While we have yet to announce a definitive release date, L.A. Noire is coming along quite splendidly, and we’re going to have details to share with you all very soon.”

With any luck we might see this in 2010.