Consumer Feedback Finds Home


Now that PlayStation Home has been out for close to a year now, many have found reason not to like the application. However, there is no doubting that the majority of PlayStation 3 owners have tried out PlayStation home, and tens of thousands use the application regularly. PlayStation Home has managed to increase in size greatly with the addition of over 3 dozen Home spaces, and hundreds of community events have been hosted.

PlayStation Home is always looking to grow, and feedback has been a key to the development of Home. Director of Home Jack Buser recently gave an address for Home, and mentioned that if consumers are interesting in seeing something added or changed, they should say so. During the address Jack Buser stated the following:

“Potential is what drives Home’s expansion. The potential is there for developers to build spaces that connect with the fans. The potential is there for fans to demand things from developers. To that end, if you want to see something in Home… ask for it.”

Sony has really shown that PlayStation Home has a plethora of capabilities, and as it grows, more demographics will be satisfied with the experience provided. Buser also emphasized that Home is still currently in beta, so the complete vision of exactly what Sony has intended for Home is yet to be finalized. With that said, if anyone has an idea for Home that seems like it might work, they shouldn’t hesitate to submit feedback.