Q-Games Wants to Bring us More Monsters


Q-Games, developer behind the Pixeljunk series, including PixelJunk Monsters, might not be done with Monsters.  PixelJunk Monsters is still one of the most popular PSN titles and has since been ported to the PSP where it has also seen much praise.

Dylan Cuthbert, President and Managing Director at Q-Games seems to have more up his sleeve concerning the Monsters series and when asked on his twitter account if players would see a sequel to the hit game, he responded,

“I really hope to make a sequel too! Not sure when yet though… so many ideas, so few people to work on them”

While this does not garuantee a sequel, it is still good to know that there are people at Q-Games that want it.  Their next game, PixelJunk Shooter, is set to make its PSN debut this December.

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