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PSP Minis Review – Tetris


Tetris, the world renowned tetrinome-stacking puzzle game, has graced nearly every game console known to man. Now, over 25 years since Alexey Pajitnov created it, it’s been re-released as one of Sony’s new Minis for the PSP and PSPgo.

Almost all gamers have played or at least heard of Tetris. For those few that haven’t, Tetris is about stacking different shaped blocks and clearing lines. A line of blocks is cleared when a horizontal line is completely filled with blocks, meaning there are no spaces in that line. This is done by manipulating the block shapes to fit any open spaces. The more lines cleared before the screen fills up, the higher the score.


So what does this version of Tetris offer that past versions don’t? There are 12 different variants here that alter the way Tetris is played. One such variant is the Treadmill variant, which sets the blocks on a conveyor belt, moving the blocks one space to the right with each block dropped. This isn’t game changing, but it does offer a fresh new twist to the Tetris players know and love.

In the end, this is Tetris, and there really isn’t much that can be changed about it without it being a completely different game. It’s  fitting for a PSP Minis release, since it’s the type of game that can be played for 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there. However, the game’s price of $9.99 is definitely not fitting, since it could probably be found for 25 cents in a flea market bargain bin. Only players with a serious hankering for Tetis should invest in this one; everyone else should skip it.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Offers a few fresh twists to classic gameplay

Perfect to play in short bouts

Overpriced for such a simple game

5 out of 10