Pixeljunk’s Cuthbert Talks “uber-secret project”

Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert

Even though Q-Games Pixeljunk Shooter isn’t available yet, who wouldn’t want more from the team behind Pixeljunk? Good news, Dylan Cuthbert, President of Q-Games, is teasing new projects already.

Cuthbert revealed via his twitter page:

“only a few weeks more to go until our uber-secret project wraps up”

No word if this is yet another Pixeljunk game or a new IP. However in a past interview with Dylan Cuthbert, we asked if there would be another series along side Pixeljunk to which he responded:

“You never know… we go wherever our imagination leads us.”

There is also a possibility this secret project is a Nintendo DS title, as the Kyoto-based developer has released on that platform previously. We’ll update you as soon as more information is revealed.