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Call of Duty Publisher’s Next Task? Helping Veterans

Now helping veterans. Hooah!

Now helping veterans. Hooah!

That’s right, Activision (more specifically, Activision Blizzard), publisher of the behemoth Call of Duty series games, is about to help real-life veterans in a very real, monetized way.

Activision Blizzard has pledged a cool $1 million USD to a “Call of Duty Endowment” or CODE for short. This will help support other groups that assist veterans with their careers after serving their country. Veterans often give everything to the military and have a tough time adjusting to life after touring. Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick stated:

The joblessness rate that [veterans] should have should be far less than the national average, not more…These [veterans] are super-capable people, to the extent that you can put them on track to develop more skills, the development potential that we’ve identified is extraordinary.

The first $125,000 of this fund will go to the Paralyzed Veterans of America to help open a vocational rehabilitation center.