Modern Warfare 2 an Offline Experience


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is going to be known as the most memorable videogame release this decade, not because its expensive Prestige Edition, which came equipped with night vision goggles, or the fact that seven million copies were sold on day one. It’s the fact that the online portion of the game is completely crippled.

Massive numbers of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners are reporting issues with online multiplayer, with almost every PS3 owner unable to play an online match. And on top of that, there are issues with trophies and achievements not unlocking properly. This was made evident when not one, but two PS3 patches were released within a 24 hour period. And according to Robert Bowling, yet another patch is coming out on Friday to address the server issues.

Robert Bowling stated that “The amount of players on MW2 PSN overwhelmed the PSN presence server which updates “what you’re doing” and is essential to parties,”, and that Infinity Ward is “adding more bandwidth servers to meet MP demand.” What’s surprising about this situation is that the high demand was not a big surprise. In fact, Infinity Ward and Activision have been touting just how popular Modern Warfare 2 would be since E3.

Modern Warfare 2 Crashes 2

Infinity Ward’s suggestion to angry MW2 owners is to simply finish the single player campaign while they get their act together. But what they really need to do is figure out how to stop millions of MW2 owners from storming retailers with returned copies. The release of MW2 is the most memorable in recent memory, and particularly because it should have been successful. Seven million owners could have been enjoying the fantastically designed game on this Veterans Day holiday, but instead are being greeted with glitchy trophies/achievements, constant patching, and the inability to play online.

Their reputation as reliable game developers has taken a steep nosedive, and it will take many years for the public to trust the quality of IW’s products. Our only hope is that they work as fast as possible to remedy the current situation and allow us to finally enjoy what the Call of Duty series is famous for. Fast paced, addictive online action.