Final Fantasy XIII Pre-Orders Begin With Release Date Delivery


Let’s face it, Final Fantasy is the biggest, most successful RPG franchise in history, and there is no doubt that Final Fantasy XIII is on the top of PlayStation 3 owners’ most anticipated list.  With the game’s North American release date finally set in stone, one major online retailer has already opened up pre-orders and is offering release date delivery, as well as a slight price break for early pre-orders

With Final Fantasy XIII’s release date finally announced,, the world’s largest online retailer, has opened up pre-orders with release-date delivery.  This means that players who pre-order will receive the game the day it comes out.

If that isn’t enough incentive to pre-order from Amazon, how about a price reduction?  Amazon is offering a $3 discount, bringing the game’s price down to $56.99.  Additionally, Amazon honors price drops and deals that the game receives between now and when the game is released, so players who pre-order with Amazon can rest assured that they will get the very best pre-order deal.

Final Fantasy XIII’s American release date is currently March 9, 2010.