Critter Crunch Dev Has Kind Words for Sony


Remember Critter Crunch? The “out-there” game that included rainbow barfs? Well, the development team behind Critter Crunch, Capybara, recently had some extremely kind words for Sony, and their help throughout the development process.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Capybara’s Nathan Vella had this to say, regarding Sony:

“They support the living sh*t out of it, and they support it really well (speaking about Sony’s free, PhyreEngine).

“Any of the parts that are inside Phyre that we didn’t know how to fix or we had an issue with, they would fix it for us in a day. Overall, I think Sony’s doing a lot of right stuff for small independent developers.”

In addition to their help during development, Vella adds, Capybara was extremely grateful towards for the advertising they did on PS Blog, Pulse and the PSN Store.

However, Vella admits, sales are quite where they should be, on the PSN.

“It’s still a fraction of what XBLA is doing, and we know that. But that’s okay for us because they let us do what we wanted to do.”