Top 5 Most Anticipated RPG’s Not Named Final Fantasy

3. Resonance of Fate


Developer: tri-Ace

Platform: PS3

Release Date: NA/EU – TBA 2010, JP – January 28th

Resonance of Fate, or End of Eternity in Japan is a roleplaying game based heavily around gun combat, which should be a nice change of pace. It also deploys a combat system very similar to Fallout 3 where you can target specific body parts to hamper the enemy in many differnet ways.

2. 3D Dot Game Heroes


Developer: From Software

Platform: PS3

Release Date: NA – May 11th 2010, JP – November 5th, 2009, EU – Not Announced

Have you ever wondered what a 2D world would be like in 3D, all because the King wanted to spurce up everything. Then everything went terribly wrong and you must save the day? Well then you will want to check out 3D Dot Game Heroes from developer From Software. The game is firmly rooted in the past with a lot of similarities being drawn to The Legend of Zelda.

1. White Knight Chronicles


Developer: Level-5

Platform: PS3

Release Date: NA – February, EU – Q1 2010

White Knight Chronicles offers players a deep trek through the single player (100 hours) with the ability to take your player online in 4 person parties MMO style. Create your own character that follows along the main party as you attempt to discover the secret behind an attempted kidnapping of the princess.

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