Infinity Ward is Bested in Modern Warfare 2’s Pit


Modern Warfare 2 has been a very popular game the past few weeks, and rightfully so. Although the multiplayer has gotten the most attention, the cooperative experience is considered to be equally as good. The cooperative mode also allows for singleplayer play within the challenge maps, and many players try to achieve high records within these maps. According to a recent account, one player has actually managed to beat the record of the development team at Infinity Ward.

Within the special ops mode of Modern Warfare 2 there is the popular speedrun map titled “The Pit” which many players use to gauge how much skill they have in the game. The record set by Infinity Ward on the map has been a challenge for many and was set at a mere 22:60. However, a player has managed to clock in a time of only 22:10, which many fans thought was unreachable.

Check out the video below to see how he managed to beat Infinity Ward’s best record on “The Pit”.