Dylan Cuthbert Comments on Game Sharing

Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert

When word got out that Sony had changed their terms of service to reduce the number of PS3‘s tied to one PSN account to 3; gamers were furious. However, this was proven to be incorrect, when a post by a SCEE employee on the PS Boards. Regardless, Dylan Cuthbert, head of Q-Games, the team behind the awesome PixelJunk series, shared his opinion on the apparent reduction.

Speaking on his personal twitter page, Cuthbert had this to say:

good news, 3 is plenty!

He then added the following:

running on 3 accounts should be enough for anyone really, and re-downloading is unlimited – the 24hr lockout is fairest tho

It is interesting to get a developers perspective on Sony’s long-standing game sharing policy. Q-Games latest PixelJunk title, Shooter, is slated for a December release.