Sony Wants you to Get Attached to the PS3 Motion Controller

December 8, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


One thing everyone must have noticed about the Nintendo Wii’s “Wiimote” controller, was that there are literally hundreds of attachments available for it. Sony seems to be following suit with their upcoming motion controller and have patented an “Expandable Control Device Via Hardware Attachment” which basically covers many different attachment options for PS3 motion controller.

The patent references simple attachments such as faceplates or a connector which attaches two of the motion controllers, as well as detailing more compelling concepts such as a flashlight and microphone attachment.

While this is only a patent, and many patents don’t ever see an actual product release, with the widespread acceptance of these motion controller attachments for the Nintendo Wii, it’s safe bet that some sort of attachment will be released for the PS3 motion controller which is due spring of 2010.