24kt Gold PS3 is a Generous Christmas Gift

December 9, 2009Written by Zak Islam


Dipping stuff in to gold is what it is all about, well it is for Computer-Choppers who sell items in gold, literally. Ranging from MacBooks to an iPhone, these prices will make you bankrupt for a couple of weeks, maybe months. Computer-Choppers have revealed a new product today which is covered in ’24kt’ pure gold. If you thought that the Lighting Pink FFXIII PS3 was expensive, then you are about to see something which leaves that in the dust by miles. Fancy one?

Computer-Choppers have revealed they will be selling 24kt Gold PlayStation 3. You will get 2 controllers also in gold a choice of a plated or anodized PS3 logo, also included is a 1 year guarantee, which I believe you would need if you have an item like this lying around in the living room.


All this for a miniature starting price of $4.999 USD (around£3,082). A great ‘unique’ way of gifting your loved ones this holiday.