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Batman “Arkham Has Moved” Website Now Live

December 12, 2009Written by Kyle P.


When Geoff Keighley said earlier today that this night’s Spike TV’s Video Game Award’s “big reveal” would be their biggest ever, many eager gamers anxiously began to hope and wonder what the game would be. The game turned out to be the sequel to this year’s phenomenal title, Batman Arkham Asylum.

While it may not have been the game most people were eagerly wanting, it was a good announcement nevertheless. At the end of the premiere trailer, the website was flashed on the screen. Until just now, the website was not working.

With the website live now, there is not much to do. There is the option to view the premier trailer, and there is a section to fill out, if you want to be alerted to when the first details emerge. Presumably, the website will be updated as the game goes through development.

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