Rumored PS Store Content for 12/17/09


With only a few weeks left in 2009 the PlayStation Store, each week is going to end the year with a bang. This week we are being treated to a Time Trial demo of Gran Turismo 5. Speaking of demos, we’re getting a Guitar Hero: Van Halen demo and possibly a Army of Two: The 40th Day demo as well. For full games look forward to TECMO’s Puzzlegeddon and Relentless Software’s Blue Toad Murder Files. If you have a Hong Kong PSN account be sure to check out the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo for the PSP, which also could make its way stateside. Other than those highlights expect plenty of DLC.

The PlayStation Network sent out emails recently with Final Fantasy VIII listed in the coming soon section, so keep an eye out over the next couple weeks for the PSOne classic to hit the PlayStation Store. For now it’s going in our rumored section.

Also in preparation for 2010, we’ve done a massive update to our coming soon section. Be sure to check it out.


gt501 Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Demo

guitar_hero_van_halen Guitar Hero: Van Halen Demo

puzzlegeddon Puzzlegeddon

featurebraidonpsnrumor Braid [EU]

socom-confrontation SOCOM: Confrontation DLC

psp-minis Minis (PSP and PS3)

guitar-hero-5-cover-image-02 Guitar Hero 5 DLC – Indie Rock Track Pack

  • Nada Surf – “Hi-Speed Soul”
  • Pavement – “Cut Your Hair”
  • Spoon – “Sister Jack”

rock-band Rock Band DLC

  • Green Day – “Christian’s Inferno”
  • Green Day – “Last of the American Girls”
  • Green Day – “¡Viva La Gloria!”
  • 30 Seconds to Mars – “Kings & Queens”
  • 30 Seconds to Mars – “This is War”
  • All-American Rejects – “Gives You Hell”

the-beatles-rock-band The Beatles Rock Band DLC – Rubber Soul Album

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