Famitsu Crowns PS3 Slim as Biggest News of 2009

With 2009 finally over, looking back on all of the news in the past year reveals dozens of great moments and announcements. With a terrific showcasing of a handful of AAA titles as well as the PlayStation 3 Slim, Sony made a huge impact on the gaming front in the past 12 months. The question is, what do consumers consider the biggest announcement of the last year?

According to a reader survey for the official Famitsu magazine, the announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim was the largest announcement of 2009. While many anticipated the announcement earlier this year at GamesCom, the price drop of $100 was huge and invited millions of consumers around the globe to join the PlayStation family. When strictly looking at sales data, the release of the PlayStation 3 Slim coincides with a huge birth of sales and the gradual overtaking of the gaming market.

Below are the top 10 announcements according to the Famitsu poll:

1. New model of PlayStation 3 announced. (112 Reader Votes / 42 Retailer Votes)

2. Final Fantasy XIII release date announced. (65 / 21)

3. Dragon Quest IX sold more than 2 million copies in two days. (49 / 20)

4. Nintendo DSi LL goes on sale. (40 / 9)

5. PSPgo announced. (32 / 14)

6. Nintendo sues R4 makers and sellers. (27 / 13)

7. PSP-3000 price drop. (34 / 3)

8. Project Natal announced. (28 / 2)

9. Final Fantasy XIV announced. (24 / 1)

10. Trico (aka The Last Guardian) announced. (19 / 0)

With Sony heading into 2010 with a truckload of momentum, it will be exciting to see what is unveiled in the coming months. With huge titles such as Heavy Rain and God of War 3 releasing this quarter, 2010 is likely to be just as exciting for PlayStation owners across the globe.