GOW III Ultimate Edition Gets Ungodly UK Price

The God of War series became one of the most popular franchises on the PlayStation 2, causing Sony to port the first two games onto the PlayStation 3 in the form of the God of War Collection. However, while the game was released in November last year in North America, it was announced that the title would not be available in Europe until March, nearly half a year later, and that the collection would be bundled with GOW III as a God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition. Now, SCEE has revealed the price of the collection in the UK, and it’s more than £100.

The game package, which will also include some extras like soundtracks and exclusive DLC, is set to cost 109.99 (approximately 177 dollars US), with an unconfirmed release date of March 20. If that price is a little too fetching for you, you could always pick up a single copy of God of War III for £37.96 in the UK, a substantial difference.

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