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Analyst: EA’s Troubles Their Own Fault

Perhaps it is a sign of the times, but mega-publisher Electronic Arts isn’t exactly rolling in the cash. On Monday, the company lowered their earnings expectations by almost half. Furthermore, they are pessimistic about the October-December figures. EA blames a lack of disc sales, primarily in Europe, for its faltering fiscal outlook. However, notable video game analyst Michael Pachter has another reason why…

In Speaking with Yahoo! Business, Pachter stated that EA has nobody to blame but themselves. He went on to say that, “EA did not have the products that people wanted,” and that the company needs to acknowledge that. “This company lacks introspection,” said Pachter, “Their core business is not performing well and they can’t explain why.”

You can’t really argue with him. EA, and more recently, EA Sports, has long been criticized for re-hashing the same game, year after year, without much noticeable improvement. We’ll have to see whether EA, with a handful of games coming out this year, can turn it around.