Skies Clear for Heavy Rain Special Edition

Heavy Rain is quickly approaching its suggested release date of February 23rd as millions worldwide anticipate its release. With an announced demo for the title coming before release, lots of consumers will have the opportunity to try out this unique collaboration of movie and videogame sometime next month. At any rate, it’s easy to argue that it might become a niche title, but that doesn’t stop its developer from releasing a collector’s edition.

The official PlayStation Blog has announced a Heavy Rain Special Edition. While the contents have not officially been announced, the contents can be seen in the image above. The Special Edition will release simultaneously with the scheduled release during the last week of February. The downside is that the Heavy Rain Special Edition will only be available in Europe. However, that doesn’t dismiss the possibility of a North American version, but the chances are unlikely.

The European version of Heavy Rain and HeavyRain Special Edition are scheduled for release on February 26th, 2010.