Heavy Rain Demo Still On Track

Heavy Rain is set to be one of the biggest titles of the year, delivering a unique interactive gameplay experience. In December, executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere gave a hint of a playable demo, explaining that people have to ‘experience the game to understand it.’ Since then, not much has been mentioned of a playable demo, until now.

SCEE has told VG247 that it is still planning a Heavy Rain demo before the game’s release next month.  More information will be revealed soon, according to SCEE.

A Sony rep said: “Yes, we’re still planning a demo pre-release. I can’t tell you the details now, but we’ll have more information soon.”

Confirmed today, Heavy Rain is set for a 23rd February release in NA, 24th for mainland Europe and 26th for the UK. Stay tuned in to PSLS as more info comes in.