Heavy Rain Boxart Revealed

The highly-anticipated PlayStation 3 thriller by Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain, while originally slated for a 2009 launch, only this year received an official date of release. However, slowly but surely, the final box-art was coming along and at last we get to see how this eagerly awaited title will jive with our collection.

Fortunately, the final cover is a surprising change from the expected “Origami Killer” movie poster. Depicting all four revealed playable character’s along with the origami art that serves as the intellectual property’s archetype, the box art’s greatest feature is the lovely Madison Paige front-and-center.

It is also worth noting that the confirmed “M” rating by the ESRB, which is obviously the case seeing as the game features scenes involving violent fight scenes, sexual defilement, and strong language. Anyways, what do you think of the box-art? Do you plan on purchasing or preordering Heavy Rain?