Heavy Rain Dated in US; Pre-Order Now for Heavy Rain Chronicles

Heavy Rain was one of the very first showcased titles for the PlayStation 3. In fact it was first debuted at E3 2006, before the PlayStation 3 was even released. After 4 years of development, Heavy Rain is finally ready to be released (a release date has been set in US) to eager gamers ready to solve the mystery behind the Origami Killer.

The noir-styled thriller, Heavy Rain, has a release date of February 23, 2010. To get the very most out of Heavy Rain, we highly recommend you pre-order a copy today. Pre-ordering nets you a free episode of “The Heavy Rain Chronicles“, which are additional DLC storylines for each of the 4 main characters in Heavy Rain. Each of the episodes are valued at $4.99, but you will receive the first one free for pre-ordering Heavy Rain. If you neglect to pre-order you’ll still be able to purchase the DLC at the premium $4.99 price, but the DLC wont be available in the PlayStation Store for some time after the game’s Feb. 23rd release date.

To ensure you are getting the full Heavy Rain experience on day one, pre-order a copy today!