Paradise All But Over For Burnout

Burnout Paradise was very well received upon release, hailed as one of the best racers on the market. With the Need For Speed franchise dominating the racing market, someone had to challenge it, and Burnout did just that. It continued showing its potential as it constantly received DLC, but that might not be the case from now on.

The Burnout developer has sadly revealed that there will be no more DLC added to Burnout Paradise:

Please stop asking us for Burnout Paradise DLC. There will be no more! Sorry everyone! But we did WAY more than everyone else…

I’m sad to see no more DLC for the racer, but I’m also sad that I won’t be racing on the Moon. Criterion actually discussed the possiblility of the Moon being a location in Paradise City.

A mere rumour a while back, Criterion has confirmed that they are currently working on a new Need For Speed title for EA.