SlingBox Slingshots onto the PS3

Slingbox Media gained monumental recognition in the audio/video world with their wide array of television streaming hardware and software. For those unfamiliar with the Slingbox hardware, the flagship set-top box allows entertainment enthusiasts to watch their cable, satellite, and even line-in devices anywhere in the world via broadband connection. While a direct competitor to Sony’s own Location Free, an enticing announcement was made at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show for PlayStation 3 owners.

Jay Tannenbaum, Vice President of Marketing of Slingbox Media, revealed the possibility of porting the Slingbox software to PlayStation 3 consoles. While it is strange that Sony would license a third-party hardware application before implicating their own Location Free solution, which is already available on the PSP, owners of a Slingbox will be glad to watch live TV on their PS3 as well as their cell phones and PC’s.

Another upside to the Slingbox, especially for those who already own the hardware, is that there is no other costs for the streaming service.