Heavy Rain Delivers ‘Completely Different Experiences’

Gamers have been wondering what Heavy Rain will actually offer in terms of gameplay, as it looks like nothing we’ve seen in the past. Sony labels the Origami Killer a “unique concept” and the exclusive will deliver “completely different experiences”.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, Sony product manager Lucy Duncan explains what to expect from the PlayStation 3 exclusive:

Heavy Rain is a pretty unique concept in so far as it is a large departure from the norm. The range of actions that the player controls is extremely diverse.

It throws down new gameplay challenges in that there are mutliple plot paths to achieve the final outcome. In some situations you may actually lose one of the key characters

She carries on, explaining what the storyline will offer:

Now, we’re all used to just keeping on replaying that level so that character survives, but Quantic Dreams actually want you to move on.. and in so doing the story may unfold in a different, and perhaps more advantageous direction. It’s going to be a real topic of conversation when two people complete the game but have had completely different experiences getting there.

Quantic Dream‘s murder mystery thriller will be arriving on February 23 for the US, and February 26 for the UK.