Next Platinum Title To Be Unveiled

Platinum Games, the company who brought us Bayonetta, is to reveal its next project in the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, according to the host Geoff Keighley.

The announcement from Keighley about a new global announcement for Platinum’s new game was tweeted recently.

This week on GTTV — global announcement of next title from Platinum Games inside the show!

A trailer is in the offing as well:

And yes, you’ll get an exclusive trailer for the Platinum Games title.

We predict this must be Bayonetta 2. Earlier today, Hideki Kamiya didn’t see anything wrong with a sequel for the title.

Platinum Games announced a four game publishing deal with Sega in 2008. The games involved in the development and publishing deal include Bayonetta, Nintendo DS RPG Infinite Space, and MadWorld for the Wii. A fourth title is yet to be revealed. Word is that the game reveal is a title by Shinji Mikami, who has recently revealed he’d like to work on yet another Viewtiful Joe game.

Stay tuned to PlayStationLifeStyle as we reveal the newest info regarding Platinum’s latest title.