Namco Bandai Tells a Tale of No Vesperia in the US

For fans who’ve been anxiously awaiting  the US release of the PS3 edition of Tales of Vesperia, you might just want to give up and move on, as Namco Bandai has some bad news for us all.

Tales of Vesperia was originally released ‘exclusively’ on the Xbox 360 in 2008.  PS3 fans of the series felt that Namco Bandai had turned its backs on them. When it was revealed last year that a port of the TOV was hitting the PS3 in Japan last September with new content, characters, and more, fans of the series rejoiced and expected a US translation soon. Namco Bandai has stayed mum on the topic until now. They recently revealed to that they have ‘no plans’ to release it here in the United States:

NBGA have no details regarding this issue at the moment.

At this point, we do not know why. It is possible that Microsoft still has US exclusivity for the title, or with all of the major triple A games hitting this year, Namco Bandai may feel there is no room for Tales of Vesperia to prosper. Hopefully some details will be revealed later in the year.