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Sony Goes All In, Bets the House on Heavy Rain

It’s safe to say that anyone who has a passing interest in the PlayStation 3 knows of Quantic’s Dream’s Heavy Rain, David Cage’s ambitious ‘interactive drama’ that he denies up and down that isn’t a video game, in the traditional sense. With the game being a commercial gamble for Sony, they’ve spoken about the matter and are optimistic about Heavy Rain’s success and what it could mean for the world of video games.

A Product Manager for Sony told ComputerandVideogames that Heavy Rain was indeed a gamble on their part, put gambles on new and original IP’s is something they’ve been known for.

Being Sony, I suppose we have a little more luxury to take a gamble on more original and innovative IP – and Heavy Rain definitely fits that category.

I suppose the risk is lessened if you have faith in the team behind the game and David and Guillaume and the guys at Quantic Dreams have really impressed, not just in terms of their back catalogue – Farenheit – but also in terms of the tech demos they showed in the run up to Heavy Rain.

The Manager also commented on the fact the all the early reviews have been positive, far.

I would love for it to achieve [recognition as a watershed moment]. I really believe Heavy Rain has a great chance of breaking out. As well as the reviews, there also feels like there is a real groundswell of anticipation from gaming communities and trade alike – so let’s see how it goes.

It’s true, Very true that Sony is taking an enormous gamble on Heavy Rain, a gamble very few other publishers would take on and in the end, most likely won’t see a return in profit, but could receive an endless amount of praise for taking on such a unique title.

My question, will you be taking a chance on Heavy Rain? Yeah..the game play isn’t what you’re probably use to, but there is nothing wrong with that. I’m here to say that I’m tired of pressing square a million times to kill a generic evil creature over..and over..and over. I believe that some of you are too. Heavy Rain is breaking from the mold and trying something different. It’s not another FPS. It’s not a Third-Person shooter nor is it another hack-n-slash title. It’s hard to define what category Heavy Rain files under, though it could create it’s own…something David Cage is hoping to achieve.

The demo for Heavy Rain hits on Febuary 11th. The full game hits on February 23rd. Do us all a favor..take a chance and download the demo. If you like what you play, take another chance and buy it. Help support something new, something unique, something different. Help support innovation in the world of video games.