PlayStation Arc Name All But Confirmed by THQ Exec

Since it was first announced back at E3, the official name for Sony’s motion controller has continued to be shrouded in mystery. Sure, there was that anonymous source who first leaked the “Arc” name which subsequently sent the internet into a speculation fueled frenzy. Oh, and lets not forget about the time we discovered that is indeed registered by Sony, along with the more recently created However, if you’re still not convinced, head on past the break for even more Arc supporting material.

During a quarterly investor call, THQ CEO Brian Farrell relied heavily on the name, using it multiple times when referring to the motion controller.

“We are focused on our continued leadership in [casual games], taking advantage of the lower hardware price points that we expect will attract new mass market gamers, and new family-friendly platforms such as Microsoft’s Natal and the PlayStation Arc motion controller,”

Assuming the name has been kept on a need-to-know basis, we’re confident in our belief that being the CEO of a major game developer netted Brian Farrell the benefit of needing to know. Still, despite the growing pile of evidence, this is the closest the name has come to being used in any official context, and probably the last until it’s formally announced somewhere between now and fall. Just don’t forget to act surprised, mmmkay?