EyePet to Play Nice with Arc Motion Controller

One of the hottest topics of 2010 is Sony’s upcoming motion controller, rumored to be named Arc. Not only have we found more evidence that Sony’s motion controller will be named Arc, but we’ve also found evidence that EyePet will be playing with the controller when its finally released.

Following up with our search that uncovered Sony’s registering of the domain, PlayStationArc.com, we’ve found yet another interesting domain registered to none other than Sony. This time the domain we’ve uncovered via a “whois” search is EyePetArc.com, which suggests EyePet will work with Arc when it finally releases this fall. The combination is a natural fit considering both EyePet and Arc will require a PlayStation Eye to function.

The domain being registered to Sony also adds credence to the name Arc being the eventual official name for the motion controller, a controller that Sony says will be the “de facto” PS3 controller alongside the Dualshock 3.

EyePet is currently not available in North America, but has been available for some time in other territories. Sony may have held EyePet’s North American release to coincide with the launch of the motion controller which was originally planned to release in Spring of 2010, but was recently announced that it’s been pushed back to a Fall release.