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What’s Next: A Look at the PS4’s Upcoming Unannounced Exclusives

With E3 over, it’s easy to be sad and despondent that F5ing the internet no longer leads to game reveals. But while the biggest gaming event of the year is behind us, it doesn’t mean that we’ve seen everything there is to see.

To keep you all excited, today we’ll take a look at everything that is known about the PS4’s unannounced upcoming exclusives, covering some stuff that we talked about before on Daily Reaction, as well as new information and rumors. For announced games, head over to our mega-PS4 article.

First up is Sony Santa Monica’s new IP – we all thought it would be at E3 because it was listed by TwitchTV, but that was just their trollish way of sneaking in The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn without anyone noticing. After the release of God of War III, the Santa Monica team split up – one group working on GOW: Ascension, the other on a new IP, thought to be helmed by Stig Asmussen to make a new IP.

Just before E3, LittleBigPlanet 3 was spotted on a resume, with Sonic & All-Stars Racing/LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross Controller pack developers Sumo Digital being outed as the guys behind it. Media Molecule has already made the 2.5D Play.Create.Share game a truly incredible experience, which is why many guess that Sumo will try to mix things up and go 3D – a move that may seem all the more intelligent now that Microsoft have announced a 3D game creator/sharer for Xbox One, Project Spark.

As for Media Molecule themselves, they’re a small studio that is mainly focusing on Vita game Tearaway, but they have invested heavily in PS4 R&D. One project is the PS4 sculpting game… but we don’t know if that’ll become an actual game. Job listings have said that they’re creating something “even more ambitious than LittleBigPlanet”.

The other big UK studio is SCE London, who have been very quiet since the PS4’s unveiling, and likely will remain so until gamescom. They want their graphics to “set the bar for the industry” and they were hiring for an AAA character action game, but we’ll probably get more stuff from the EyePet team that makes use of the new PlayStation Camera. With Wonderbook utterly failing to ignite the charts (blame Sony’s marketing team/budget), it’s unlikely that that’ll come to PS4.

Elsewhere in Europe, Guerrilla Games announced a new IP was in development in 2010. By all usual development standards, we should should have heard about this game by now, but considering Killzone Shadow Fall is out this holiday, they’re clearly trying to focus publicity on that game instead. As The Order: 1886 was trademarked in GG’s homeland, a lot of people incorrectly assumed that was the name, but we now know otherwise.

GG and Santa Monica aren’t the only studio with two main teams – Naughty Dog split in half after Uncharted 3 shipped. Considering the critical acclaim, strong sales, upcoming movie and the fact that Naughty Dog said they divided their team up by moving the people who wanted to make something new over to TLOU, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the game is Uncharted 4. Of course, just like Killzone SF isn’t Killzone 4 and inFamous SS isn’t inFamous 3, they’ll call it something different so that next-gen newcomers don’t think that they can’t play the game without playing the past titles.

SCE San Diego Studio have been hiring for a PS4 game for a while, and everyone’s money is on more MLB.

The other day we uncovered a Zindagi job listing for online multiplayer. The second party studio’s PS4 exclusive motion game is set for this holiday, barring delays, so we should hear more soon. The only question is whether this is Sports Champions 3 or a new IP.

Another second party studio is of course Quantic Dream, who seem to be working on Singularity for PS4, and have released a beautiful working tech demo of a PS4 engine, but as Beyond is their main focus, don’t expect much about this for years.

Over on the PSN side, Super Stardust HD is set to get a ‘spiritual successor’ from Housemarque for PS4, while Giant Sparrow have announced that that they’re developing a game tentatively titled Edith Finch, after creating the awesome The Unfinished Swan for PS3.

Then there’s the titles in development we know next to nothing about – titles from Tarsier Studios (The City of Metronome perhaps?), Supermassive Games and Ovosonico (new IP), and whatever SCE Japan decide to cook up. Not only that, but Sony allowing self publishing and sending dev kits out to hundreds of developers means that there’ll be a ton of console exclusive IPs, many of which will also be on PC.

Outside of games, we also uncovered what seems to be a PSN bidding platform, and a video streaming service, titled Bid for Greatness and Gateways to Greatness respectively.

The crazy thing is, even when you add all these games to the confirmed PS4 titles like inFamous, DriveClub, Killzone and The Order, it doesn’t reach the 30 games Sony has announced are in development for PS4 by SCE Worldwide Studios – 20 of which are out this year.

What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!