UFC’s Dana White Says EA “Sucks,” Discusses New Undisputed

Hot on the heels of the UFC: Undisputed 2010 box art reveal, we have some more interesting tidbits from the UFC front. In an excellent interview with GamerLive.Tv, at the UFC: Undisputed 2010 box art reveal, UFC owner Dana White, stated that EA “sucks.”

This was apparently due to the fact that after some discussion between EA Sports and the UFC, EA claimed that UFC wasn’t a real sport and thus passed on the idea of creating a game around it. In the interview, White also acknowledges that the older UFC games were pretty terrible, and that the newest installment in the franchise will look so good, you’ll think you were watching an actual UFC fight. (Undisputed 2009 looked pretty darn good to start…)

Despite the frankness of White’s words, you’ve got to hand it to him for taking it to the big boys, because if anyone can do it, it’s a trained killing machine. White has been playing ball with EA pretty aggressively over the past year, that’s for sure, and we can only expect things to amp up even more as EA readies their own MMA title. One thing is for sure: this competition is healthy and will only result in a better experience for us gamers. Some sports fans would argue that during EA’s battle with 2K sports over NFL licensing rights, we saw some of the greatest football games ever made. Let’s hope we experience that again with the UFC, minus the whole “EA acquiring exclusive rights” thing.

We’ve gone ahead and provided the full interview below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!