Final Fantasy XIII Will Go Easy On Your Hard Drive

I can’t say that I’ve ever had any real problems with HDD installs for PS3 games, as it typically streamlines the experience and makes things run much smoother for the player in the long run, but for those of you who may get a tad bit peeved over this memory munching feature, you’ll be pleased to know that Final Fantasy XIII will have absolutely no HDD install, with all portions of the game streaming straight from the disc.

This was discovered after the Official EU PlayStation Blog’s interview with with the game’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase, and director, Motomu Toriyama.

From the interview:

Will there be a hard drive install available?

There is no installation, the game runs directly from the disc.

This should be good news for those who may have been stunned to hear that Bioshock 2 and Heavy Rain will each be eating up around 5GB of space. Oh, so many awesome titles, so little drive space…