Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth size revealed

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Install Size Revealed and It’s Yet Another Massive Game

Square Enix has revealed Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth‘s install size, and if you don’t have extended storage, you might wanna wrap up some games by February. FF7 Rebirth weighs a whopping 150 GB, and like its predecessor FF7 Remake, it comes on two discs.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth size explained

Director Naoki Hamaguchi told Game Informer that FF7 Rebirth’s 150 GB will be split between two discs in such a way that players won’t have to swap discs like they did while playing FF7 Remake. One disc will hold 100 GB of data, while the other will hold just 50 GB of data.

Thanks to the PS5’s architecture, players will simply have to install the game using both discs, following which they will only need to pop one of the discs into the drive to play.

Hamaguchi says that FF7 Rebirth’s size is the result of its development team’s ambitious vision for the game. Apparently, Square Enix always wanted Rebirth to be heavily detailed and more immersive than Remake. This meant having to put the game on two discs because cramming everything into a single Blu-ray would have forced the development team to cut down some of the content.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024.