NIS Bringing the Item World Back to PS3

February 13, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Are you feeling deprived because you haven’t had a chance to visit the Item World since Disgaea 3 was last seen back in 2008?  Fear not people, NIS is developing Disgaea 4 and it will remain exclusive to the PlayStation 3. NIS has recently gone on record stating that they would be developing more games on the PS3 and I think we all knew one would be the 4th Disgaea game.

In case that didn’t keep them busy enough, NIS will be putting out 8 games in 2010, with 6 of those being brand new IPs.  A big complaint of Disgaea 3 was that it didn’t fully utilize the PS3 power and NIS head Sohei Shinkawa has gone on record as saying that they would be using more of this power in their future games.

This should be great news for any PS3 owner looking for a great Strategy RPG as the Disgaea franchise is as good as they get.  Plus it never hurts that the Prinny is among the best mascots out there today.  As always stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for your PS3 news.