Red Dead Redemption Remaster Platinum Trophy Requirements Revealed, Much Easier Than PS3 Version

Red Dead Redemption Port Trophy List Revealed, Is Much Easier Than PS3 Version

The Red Dead Redemption port is almost out on PS4 (and Nintendo Switch), which will finally make the open-world game natively playable on modern PlayStation systems. It remains to be seen exactly what kinds of upgrades it has (or doesn’t have), but the trophy list for this version has gone online. And, by all accounts, the Red Dead Redemption port Platinum is much easier on PS4 than it was on PS3.

The lack of Red Dead Online has stripped out many trophies

As shown on trophy site PSNProfiles, the Red Dead Redemption port has many of the same trophies as the PS3 original with the same requirements. Players have to hit 100% completion, beat the main campaign, kill 18 bears, hogtie a woman and place her on train tracks, and keep the same horse for 20 story missions (which is missable), just to name a few. Some DLC trophies have also been folded into the main list, which includes the two DLC weapons (the tomahawk and explosive rifle) and the well-received and zombie-filled Undead Nightmare expansion.

However, the lack of Red Dead Online has made this Platinum trophy a much shorter endeavor since those multiplayer-related trophies are obviously not in this version. The original had many difficult or time-consuming trophies like getting to the top rank, being the top-scoring player in three consecutive free-for-all matches, finishing all the online hideouts, and winning four times in a row in team-based modes. This has given the Platinum a 0.3% rarity on PSN and puts it in line with Rockstar Games’ array of lengthy Platinums.