The ‘Real’ Reason Why Star Ocean Hit the 360 First

February 13, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Even though the Star Ocean series started out on the SNES, this series has been mostly known a ‘PlayStation series’ along the lines of Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Tekken, Etc. When it was announced that SO: The Last Hope was hitting the 360 first, fans were furious and didn’t understand why. Thankfully the RPG finally hit the PS3 this past Tuesday and Square Enix has explained why they decided to put it on the 360 upon it’s initial release.

During a ‘Fan-powered’ Q and A with Square Enix and the SO:TLH development team, a fan why the game hit the 360 first and the reason was because of….timing?

This was all about timing. When we began development, we were provided with the development equipment needed to produce titles for the Xbox 360 before that of the PS3.

Really? That’s the reason why? Hmmm…then why was the PS3 version always denied during the past couple of years? Why did they once tell EGM that it would “probably never” hit the PS3? Which, at the time, was a bummer, but now that we have SO: TLH on our favorite system of choice, doesn’t matter anymore.

Just look at it this way: Microsoft paid for the inferior version while Sony received the (slightly) superior version for free.