Epic Mickey May Invade Other Platforms

Warren Specter’s upcoming Wii exclusive, Epic Mickey will revamp the Mickey Mouse squeaky clean (pun-intended) image that the Disney icon has had for decades, reintroducing a darker, troubled, more wicked side of Mickey. Epic Mickey features “ink and paint” gameplay perfectly suited for the Nintendo Wii-mote. However, since Epic Mickey isn’t due out until September, which is right around when Sony’s PS3 motion controller is launching, could Epic Mickey make its way to other platforms aside from the Wii?

Speaking at the DICE summit, Disney executive’s Steve Wadsworth and Graham Hopper they might have changed their plans for Nintendo Wii exclusive title, Epic Mickey, a second time around if they thought a bit earlier about it.

The key mechanic [in Epic Mickey] is an ink and paint mechanic”, said Hopper, adding that it seemed “completely intuitive to people” to play the game on Wii.

We have a very large audience base that has Wiis in their home. That’s not to say that we won’t go to other platforms [in the future].

Speaking about the game coming to other platforms due to motion peripherals releasing soon for PS3 and Xbox 360:

If we started it 6 months ago we would have potentially thought differently about it.

Epic Mickey is a platform game with some RPG elements and gives players choices on how to progress through each level. The game features a morality system similar to inFamous, hailed as a Hero, or feared as a Scrapper, changing his appearance depending on the path taken by the player. Sounds awesome, who wouldn’t want to see a darker side of Mickey Mouse?