Report: PlayMagic Working on “Disney IP Action Game Remake”

Giuseppe Crugliano, the CEO of PlayMagic, may have accidentally revealed an upcoming remake of a Disney action game. YouTuber Doctre81 discovered that Giuseppe’s LinkedIn page listed a rather interesting accomplishment. For a brief period his accomplishments listed “Disney’s IP action game remake for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac.” Since the discovery, the LinkedIn profile has been edited to replace the “Disney’s IP” part with the more generic “Unannounced.” Still, for a while, it was an open secret, and the internet never forgets.

So which Disney game is getting remade and how likely is it to be true? Well, it doesn’t seem that unlikely considering Disney just recently put out Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King, a double pack containing two classic and well-beloved Disney platformers. Of course, both of those games also had recent movie releases to accompany them. Disney does have a live-action remake of Mulan coming out next year, and that movie did have a Game Boy game to accompany it, but that game isn’t really beloved like the other two and is oft-forgotten. There was also the Disney Afternoon Collection back in 2017, though it’d be hard to classify these games as full-on remakes, instead being more akin to modern rereleases.

It could possibly be a remake of Epic Mickey, a 2010 Nintendo Wii exclusive that Disney put a lot of faith in and many people have fond memories of. Epic Mickey was followed up by a poorly received multiplatform sequel, but the original game has never left the Nintendo Wii, so Disney may be looking for a chance to bring it over. Again, that word “remake” has a lot of connotation that goes along with it, and a potentially broad spectrum of possibility for what PlayMagic could be working on.

PlayMagic was founded in 2014, and is currently working on a remaster of Ubisoft’s 2003 cult classic FPS XIII, along with another currently unannounced “3rd person action remake for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac.” They’ve also developed several mobile games, including games based on Rambo and The Amazing World of Gumball.

[Source: Doctre81 on Youtube, LinkedIn]