Final Fantasy XIII Cut Content Has Zero Future

February 18, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

A recent PR mess over some screenshots, the mention of cut content, and complaints stemming from the game’s lack of towns, and linearity have really dampened the excitement that was mounting for the game’s long anticipated March 9th release. The cut content stuck out in particular for PS3 owners who blame the Xbox 360’s last generation DVD format. Many believe that had it stayed PS3 exclusive the cut content would have made it on the Blu-Ray disc, however this is just speculation.

As for the cut content, don’t expect to see it released as DLC either, says the game’s producer…

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy XIII, had a couple of things to say regarding the content cut from the game.

There wasn’t all this other stuff that we wanted to include but had to cut. It was more of a selective process you’d find in any development process, where there were a lot of ideas but then we chose the best of those to include in the final game. The things that were cut either didn’t make sense in the storyline, would slow down the pace of the game or were otherwise unnecessary.

There is no plan for these things that were cut — because they weren’t essential to the game — to be revived as downloadable content,

This may bother many gamers out there that feel they are missing out on content, but it shouldn’t.  Some content is always cut during development to try and make the best game possible.