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Heavy Rain – Trophy Guide

Heavy Rain Master (Platinum)

Unlock all trophies

– Unlock all bronze, silver and gold trophies to unlock the Platinum trophy.

Happy Birthday (Bronze)

Prologue – Complete the drawing + Set the table + Play with kids

– Locate Ethan’s home office, sit in the chair, pick up the pencil and begin drawing, you’ll have to keep using the pencil and eventually an eraser to fully complete the drawing. Set the table, then go outside and play with your sons.

Interactive Drama (Bronze)

Thank you for supporting interactive drama

– Cannot be missed. This will be unlocked as soon as you complete the prologue.

Good Father – (Bronze)

Father and Son – Follow the schedule with Shaun and put him to bed in a good mood.

– In the kitchen there is a schedule written in chalk, it lets Ethan know exactly when to give Shaun his snack, make him do his homework, eat dinner and when bedtime is. Complete each task in the schedule at the correct time. The schedule is as follows: 4:30PM snack, 6:00PM homework, 7:00PM dinner, 8:00PM bedtime.

Once Shaun heads off to bed, check on him and he’ll ask for his “teddy”, locate his Teddy in the room off the kitchen, and bring it to him. Make sure to tuck Shaun in.

White Knight – (Bronze)

Sleazy Place – Beat Troy

– After using using your inhaler to stop your asthma attack, Troy storms down the hallway and forces his way into Lauren’s apartment. Follow Troy in, and a fight scene will begin. Successfully beat Troy by correctly performing the majority of the buttons being prompted on screen.

Private Eye – (Bronze)

Sleazy Place – Lead Lauren to talk about her son

When questioning Lauren choose compassionate, then trick.

FBI investigator (Bronze)

Crime Scene – Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene

– Locate various clues within the crime scene using ARI. Equip Jayden’s special sunglasses and repeatedly tap R1 while walking up and down the wasteland along the railroad tracks. Make sure to climb the muddy hillside leading up to the highway to discover the tire tracks. Also make sure to inspect the body thoroughly.

Good Friends (Bronze)

The Part – Play 2 games with Shaun successfully and buy him candy

– Do 2 of the 3 following activities and buy Shaun some candy from the vendor:

  • Push Shaun on the swings
  • Play on the see-saw with Shaun
  • Spin Shaun on the Merry-go-round

Got to Remember! (Bronze)

Welcome, Norman! – Remember the time it was at the park and what Shaun was wearing

– You arrive at the park at 4:10PM however the closest choice available is 4:15PM. Shaun was wearing a beige coat and green pants.

Negotiator (Bronze)

Hassan’s Shop – Persuade the robber to leave

– Approach the robber from the left until he notices you. Put your hands up when he demands and proceed to talk him out of the robbery. Choose to calm him down, tell him your name and tell him to put the gun down. The robber will then flee.

VIP (Bronze)

Paparazzi – Leave home without being spotted by the journalists

– Head out the back door of Ethan’s home, jump the fence over to the adjacent yard and head out the walkway to your car.

Agoraphobia (Bronze)

Lexington Station – Knock down at least 50 passers-by

– Knock down 50 passers-by at Lexington Station with Ethan. You only have a short period of time to do this so we suggest walking through the most crowed areas of the station, pushing down as many people as you can as fast as possible.

Lucky Locker (Bronze)

Lexington Station – Find the correct locker on first try

-Find row 18, locker 3. Choose the top locker.

Blunder (Bronze)

Nathaniel – Shoot Nathaniel

– Shoot Nathaniel when he aims the gun at Blake.

Self Control (Bronze)

Nathaniel – Do not shoot Nathaniel

– Do not give into the urge to shoot Nathaniel, even when you think that Nathaniel is going to shoot Blake.

Baby Master (Bronze)

Suicide Baby – Make no mistakes taking care of the baby

– Wash your hands, correctly change the baby’s diaper, fix the baby’s bottle, gently rock the baby and place the baby down in the crib, all without making one mistake. It takes an extra slow movement to tip the baby’s bottle correctly and to set the baby back in the crib.

Kamikaze (Bronze)

The Bear – Choose the best path on the highway

– Complete the entire bear trial without making a mistake. Extremely difficult.

Good Driver (Bronze)

The Bear – Complete the bear trial successfully

– Don’t chicken out, race the wrong way down the highway without failing. Make sure to successfully hit each button as you are prompted to do so.

Cat & Mouse (Bronze)

Covered Market – Beat Korda in the cold storage

– After chasing Korda to the meat freezer, he’ll attack you suddenly. A fight sequence follows and you’ll have to successfully hit the correct button sequence missing as few as possible to take him out.

Tough Guy (Bronze)

Kramer’s Party – Defeat Gordi’s bodyguards

– Properly complete a short fight sequence after speaking with Gordi.

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