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Heavy Rain – Trophy Guide

Coward! (Bronze)

The Butterfly – Give up or fail the butterfly trial

– During the Butterfly trial, once inside the electrified generator room, exit using the door on the left.

Electrified (Bronze)

The Butterfly – Complete the butterfly trial successfully

– Maneuver through the electrified fences, generators, climb into hole and crawl your way through the broken glass.

Good Cop (Bronze)

Shrink and Punches – Stop Blake from hitting Dupre

– Intervene when Blake attacks Dupre.

Bad Cop (Bronze)

Shrink and Punches – Do not stop Blake from hitting Dupre

– Let Blake beat the snot out of Dupre without saying a word.

Gold Finger (Bronze)

The Lizard – Cut your finger using axe, knife or pliers + disinfect or cauterize the wound

– Locate the disinfectant in the bathroom cupboard, locate the axe, knife or pliers and set them down on the table. Locate a piece of iron rod, take it over to the oven and heat the end of the iron rod until it’s glowing hot. Take that over to the table. Have Ethan sit at the table, use the disinfectant, then cut of your finger using the axe, knife or pliers you put on the table, then cauterize the wound using the hot iron rod.

Butcher (Bronze)

The Lizard – Cut your finger using saw or scissors

– Locate the saw or scissors, put them on the table, sit in the chair, and cut your finger off.

Fugitive (Bronze)

Fugitive – Manage to escape Blake in the subway station

– Correctly hit the button sequences, then maneuver your way through the traffic until you reach the subway. Get on the train before Blake can reach you.

Hands Up! (Bronze)

Fugitive or On the Loose – Get arrested by Blake

– Let Blake arrest Ethan, can we done in either Fugitive or On the Loose. Just make sure to fail the button sequences.

Ludwig Von (Bronze)

Jayden Blues – Play the piano without a wrong note

– Perfectly perform every piano note in sequence.

Detox (Bronze)

Jayden Blues – Resist triptocane

– Do not give Jayden the Tripcocane, force him to resist.

Wise Guy (Bronze)

Under arrest – Switch the camera off in the surveillance room before saving Ethan

– After Blake is done questioning Ethan, go into the room behind the interrogation room, which has a surveillance camera, keys and a raincoat. Turn of the camera before using the keys and raincoat to save Ethan.

I’m a Killer… (Bronze)

The Shark – Kill the drug dealer

– Don’t show sympathy or pity to the drug dealer, shoot him.

I’m not a Killer! (Bronze)

The Shark – Do not kill the drug dealer

– Let the drug dealer live.

Smart Girl (Bronze)

The Doc – Do not drink the Doc’s beverage

– Refuse the beverage the Doc offers Madison.

Queen of Ropes (Bronze)

The Doc – Escape before the Doc returns

– Escape from your rope restraints before the Doc returns from his answering his door. This takes a lot of SIXAXIS shaking and precise movements.

Goodbye Mad Jack (Bronze)

Mad Jack – Survive the fights against Mad Jack

– Scour the scene for clues until you locate a body in the acid. Mad Jack confronts you. Resist the triptocane, and Mad Jack will knock you out and stick you in a car, in which you’ll awaken ready to be crushed. Escape from the car, then proceed to fight Mad Jack and win.

The Chef (Bronze)

Eureka – Prepare a good omelet on time

– Get eggs from the refrigerator, get a pan, and put it on the stove, then turn the stove on and cook the eggs. Make sure that they are cooked fully by stirring the eggs, cooking until any transparency is gone from the pan. Also make sure to do all of this before Lauren gets out of the shower.

I’m not scared! (Bronze)

Twins – Follow your brother without making a mistake

– Make your way through the construction site without making a mistake.

Pride Saved – (Bronze)

Sexy Girl – Take off no more than one item of clothing during the striptease

– Only take one article of clothing off before grabbing the lamp.

Unforgivable (Bronze)

On the Loose – Do not forgive Madison

– Check through Madison’s belongings after they fall our of her coat, discover she is a journalist. Madison asks you to forgive her. Do not forgive Madison’s lies.

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