Electrifying inFamous Price Will Shock You

inFamous took the PlayStation 3 by storm when it released last year. The electrifying game offered gamers a compelling storyline told through an in-game narrative and motion-comic stylized cutscenes. Sucker Punch‘s open-world title let you choose the path for the main character, Cole MacGrath, taking the role of either a super hero, or an infamous anti-hero.

If you somehow missed inFamous (shame on you), Amazon is here to save the day, offering the game for a shocking price as part of the online retailer’s Deal of the Day promotion.

Amazon’s Deal of The Day has listed inFamous at a “shocking” price tag of $26.99. Be sure to take advantage of this deal before it ends or Amazon runs out of stock. You wont regret it.

If you’re still on the electrified fence, check out our review of inFamous, one of the best new IPs of this console generation.