Snag Some Extra Gil With Final Fantasy XIII Deal [UPDATE]

Final Fantasy XIII is finally coming next week.  If you haven’t preordered and plan to purchase Final Fantasy XIII, we have found a great launch day deal. Toys “R” Us has a sweet promotion set to start next week.

Those who decide to pick up Final Fantasy XIII on release day (Tuesday, March 9th) will receive a $13 Toys “R” Us gift card, with “rewards” members being able to snag the strategy guide for $13 as well. Additionally, from March 7th through 13th, buy any two PS3, 360 or Wii titles priced $39.99 and up, and save $20. Combining these two offers would be an excellent idea, considering the amount of awesome titles we’ve seen released over the past two months, and will net you about $35 to play around with.

To the best of our knowledge, the Final Fantasy XIII portion of this deal is for release day only, however if we hear that it’s extended through Saturday, we’ll be sure to let you guys know (these sales can change from time to time). So if you plan on pocketing any extra gil, be sure to be there before your store runs out! Limit 1 copy per customer.

[UPDATE] It turns out that both of these sales will be running through the week until Saturday, the only thing is that the ad said that offers could not be combined, however you may still want to try it because occasionally the sales will work with each other anyway.